Our Story

Laberia Farm is named after the beautiful region in Albania where Oresti grew up, surrounded by beautiful mountains, fresh, in-season produce, and sheep that spend their days grazing freely.  I grew up in America in very average neighborhoods, no where near a farming upbringing, but with a spirit of adventure and the desire to travel and experience other cultures. (And I dreamed of owning a farm one day!)  Oresti and I met, fell in love and were married in Greece.  We almost immediately talked about one day owning some land and keeping chickens, sheep, hopefully a milk cow and raising a big family together.  Early on, we were very interested in growing and raising our own food for our family and basically doing everything from scratch. 

We moved to our first 11 acre homestead in the Texas Hill Country back when we had five little daughters.   Long story short, we moved our large family of nine daughters to the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Missouri in 2021 to start farming together as a family. We also added one baby BOY to the family in 2022!  We wanted more space and freedom to be able to raise more animals for our family and also to provide others with quality, pasture raised meat. 

We are also excited to have the space to flower farm! I began growing flowers in 2019 because I wanted fresh bouquets on my table all summer long. From that experimental summer, I fell in love with cut flowers and we’re excited to provide local, slow flowers to our area. 

We are specializing in homegrown, fresh flowers for locals and handcrafted farm goods for those across the US for now.  And hopefully in the near future our own farm raised pork from our Idaho Pasture Pigs and pastured lamb from our growing flock of Icelandic and Gulf Coast sheep.